Research and Teaching


Rob has broad research interests in acoustics and vibration, as reflected in his publications. They include assessment of community noise impacts; policy implications of community noise; noise measurement and monitoring; room acoustics; modelling of sound including from musical instruments; and soundscape design.

Rob was co-author of the 1982 National Acoustic Laboratories study which forms the basis of the ANEF system for land use planning around Australian airports. He has also prepared policy advice for environmental protection bodies in several Australian states as well as undertaking sponsored research for government and other organisations.


Rob currently teaches a number of regular courses, and has developed and presented specific training courses for personnel from NSW Roads and Maritime Services. He has given numerous talks for organisations including the Australian Acoustical Society. Current regular teaching commitments include:

  • University of Technology Sydney: Teaches Acoustics section of “Lighting, Acoustics and Advanced Environmental Control” course, Architecture faculty (since 2005)
  • University of Sydney: Teaches postgraduate course “Advanced Acoustic Practice”, Architecture faculty, when permanent staff unavailable (since 2009)
  • University of Tasmania: Lecture and tutorial as part of Architecture course (since 2013)
  • Regular undergraduate lectures at University of NSW and University of Sydney.