Rob has developed numerous acoustics-related software applications in a variety of languages including C#, Python, Objective C, Matlab and VB.NET. Among these are:

  • The “BarnOwl” directional noise monitoring system marketed by SoundScience P/L. This unique system is based on algorithms developed by Rob, and allows detection of both the level and the direction of incoming noise. Rob holds a patent for the calculation algorithms, and produced the C# source code used to implement them.
  • The “SoundSoup” iPad app for modelling sound in a room, marketed by Stirfry Software.  This unique app allows the user to design a room, and hear both internal and external sounds as they would be heard in that room. The effect of changes in materials, room dimensions, etc can be heard immediately.  Rob produced the algorithms used to simulate the sound and implemented them in an app, which is now selling successfully on the Apple App Store.
  • A system for detecting and measuring heavy vehicle exhaust brake noise, developed in conjunction with NSW Roads and Maritime Services.
  • A system for automatically detecting and measuring squeal and flanging noise from rail systems.
  • The “SoundScape” program – a precursor to “SoundSoup” which runs under Windows and is available free from the SoundScience P/L web site.